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Transform Your Finances, Personal Life, Spiritual Connection, Relationships and Health - in 28 Days!

The 28-day Mastery of "Self" Intensive Course is our premier course for empowering you to elevate yourself to the heights of achievement, success, and fulfillment of which you've dreamed.

Design your life, establish your mission and set clear and measurable goals; then learn the tools and skills to claim your goals - within 28 days.

Using your Higher Power as your guide, you'll learn the skills necessary to consistently break through barriers that are holding you back in life. By establishing new, powerful beliefs and habits, you experience permanent changes necessary to create an extraordinary life.

You'll eliminate uncertainty, moving forward with confidence, certainty and resolve. With newly developed awareness and clarity, recognize the old beliefs that have held you back and develop empowering beliefs that will inspire your actions, and create an extraordinary life.

Daily sessions with your Transformational Coach will include facilitated Transformational MeditationT, the main technology that we teach to resolve and remove any limiting belief.

This course provides you with ongoing support and accountability during the integration and implementation process to ensure your success.

Take a quantum leap in your personal growth, career direction, spiritual awakening and literally pole vault yourself to the next step in manifesting your Mastery!

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Here's a sample of what the course includes:

  • Design your life and create a personal mission statement
  • Create and implement your personal action plan
  • Realize dramatic changes is less than two weeks
  • Over the 28 days, your past blocks will become clear; learn new skills to navigate through them, while daily practice and coaching anchors in your new skills
  • Create new empowered awareness and clarity
  • Eliminate old, destructive beliefs and create beliefs that drive you forward with inspiration and enthusiasm
  • Eliminate uncertainty; move forward with confidence, certainty and resolve
  • Access and strengthen your intuition and be a powerful decision maker
  • Access your Higher Truth and experience Freedom and Guidance - at will
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships
  • Benefit from the insights and support of the group environment
  • By expanding your work achievements, watch your earnings soar to the next level

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 For full details on this life-changing course, read below:

Transform Your Finances, Personal Life, Spiritual Connection, Relationships and Health

Learn HOW to harness your inner power, replace limiting beliefs, and achieve your desires - in just 28 days!

Fourteen outstanding benefits you'll reap through this program

First, you'll develop a plan of action and implement it. Many people fail to achieve the success they want because they never plan it out. Through the Academy of Self-Knowledge 's Transformational Coaching Program, you'll learn what it takes to develop a plan of action. More importantly, you'll also learn how to develop the conditioned behaviors that it takes to implement your plan and to achieve the goals you set out for yourself. As a result, the first week of the program is designed to teach you the skills needed to create a plan and to have the focus and self-reliance to implement your plan.

"Through this program I gained the self-discipline to succeed at my goals. I learned how to stay focused and positive even when things don't happen the way I think they should."
- David Castro, Actor and Screenwriter

"The work provided excellent support to stick with, and then fulfill specific goals."
- Rev. Aliah K. Majon, Creator of Soul TechnologyT

"I have more self-discipline, which has allowed me to stay on target to reach my daily, weekly and monthly goals.which has increased my earnings, and peace of mind."
- Cat Pedersen, Musician and Voice Actor

Second, experience dramatic results in less than two weeks. Because of the daily skill acquisition, application and accountability you will be able to make changes fast. You'll discover that momentum builds and gives you the power to take a quantum leap. However, the benefits are even more dramatic. Not only will you experience rapid changes, you'll be able to apply them daily in life whenever you need them. Your time commitment is just to read your daily concept, answer five questions, participate in your daily coaching call and the weekly two-hour Mastermind meeting without even leaving your home!

"My life is undergoing dramatic changes in less than two weeks."
- Ron Neuman, University Professor and Trader

"The everyday accountability the program provided me accelerated progress in life mastery."
-Joy Stanton, Personal Fitness Trainer and Coach

"This class was so transformational that I don't think I could have gotten the same transformation out of years of therapy. I have a tremendous amount of awareness. I also have more passion and motivation to live my life the way I choose. To me this course is priceless."
- Sean Cook, Entrepreneur

"When you think that there isn't another level to go to, this program shows you there is and takes you there fast."
- Maurice Abarr, Attorney

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a Transformational Coach and learn more about this course

Third, magnify your results in life by adding new life skills/tools to the talents you already possess and apply them practically on a daily basis. Many people already know what to do, but are not doing what they know. This course will not only assist you to apply your knowledge on a daily basis, but you will learn which skills you need to be sure you can APPLY your knowledge. The new skills you learn are determined on an individual basis. As you move toward your chosen goals during the 28-day period, your weaknesses become apparent as the obstacles arise that have previously prevented you from accomplishing your goals. You will be taught the new skills you need and be coached THROUGH any obstacles successfully.

"Learning how to focus on concepts and new skills as well as practicing them and applying them practically to my life on a daily basis accelerated my progress."
- Sooz Sovern, President of Power Networking for Women

"You will feel the results of your efforts in life magnified by adding new life skills/tools with the talents you already possess."
- Karen Kerwitz, Massage Therapist and Owner of Puravida Body Studio

"Mastery is a continuous process and by intentionally exercising the skills taught in this program I have had life-changing revelations. The program provided me the opportunity to practice mastery skills in real life situations and to receive immediate feedback."
- Joy Stanton, Personal Fitness Trainer and Coach

Fourth, learn how to create a personal Mission Statement to design your life. Part of the reason shifts occur so rapidly is because of the creation and implementation of a personal Mission Statement by day three of the program. It is vital to know why you are here and where you are going. This is the purpose of a Mission Statement. You have a standard by which to measure every thought, feeling and action. By asking "Is this thought moving me toward or away from my mission?" you are able to not only be aware of where your thoughts are leading you, but to shift directions immediately back on course, thus creating consistent and accelerated progress. This awareness allows you to set goals that are moving you toward your mission as you move forward taking appropriate action.

"The Course itself was a kind of 'Strategic Plan' for greater Life Mastery."
- Rev. Aliah K. Majon, Creator of Soul TechnologyT

"The 28-day course helped define what it is I want and my purpose in life."
- Cat Pedersen, Musician and Voice Actor

"Through the program, I gained clarity of mission and purpose in life."
- Sooz Sovern, President of Power Networking for Women

"I feel this course is my 'missing link.' It has given me a more focused direction and clearer focus for my life."
- Kimberly Strandelius, R. N.

Fifth, create new empowered awareness and clarity. You will spend an entire week in Self-Observation, analyzing your focus and learning techniques to become more Self-aware. As a result, you'll learn to shift your focus if it is not moving you in the direction of your purpose. You will learn the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and actions, which brings clarity of thought and action.

"I am aware of The Now and from this place I am able to seize the gifts of the moment."
- Ananda Edmonds, Life Coach

"With this new empowered awareness, I am able to live my life with enthusiasm. I was and am the Architect of my Destiny."
- L. Kae Graniel, President of True Speak and Success Coach

"I am now confident in the knowledge of who I am, my true nature and I have clarity on my life's purpose, which allows me to take action."
- Karen Kerwitz, Massage Therapist and Owner of PuraVida Body Studio

Sixth, expand your work and increase your earnings. With the clarity and power you gain in this course, you can take your work to the next level, whatever that is for you. As you move to higher levels of achievement, you also gain the financial rewards that accompany that level of development.

"During the time Libby and I have spent together, my career has tripled in every aspect: rides, finances, and wins!"
- Craig Stanton, Professional Race Car Driver
(Post-script: In 2005, Craig subsequently won the Grand Am Rolex Series, GT class)

"I have increased my earnings and peace of mind. I am a voice actor and one of my goals was to increase my business during the 28 day course when, in fact, I doubled my business and income."
- Cat Pedersen, Musician and Voice Actor

"Since studying with Libby, I have set record sales in my territory and doubled my income." - Randy Jones, Sales Engineer

"My original goal of conceiving of, and writing the text for a brand new web site evolved into a full-blown expansion of my work."
- Rev. Aliah K. Majon, Creator of Soul TechnologyT

"I feel this course is foundational for those seeking personal growth and abundance in all areas of their life."
Kimberly Strandelius, R.N.

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Seventh, end the power of old beliefs and thought patterns by creating new programs to guide your life. Everyone has beliefs and thought patterns that they learned as children that are totally outdated and ineffective. Change requires that you become aware of these beliefs and patterns and that you learn to reprogram yourself. And these procedures are one of the keys to achieving your goals. As a result, in the "Transformational Coaching" program, you'll learn several techniques to reprogram limiting thought patterns and negative self-talk. With the correct belief system, your success is assured.

"This program helped me eliminate my interruptive, negative head talk."
- Maurice Abarr, Attorney

"I have a greater awareness of part of me that had been holding limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions . . . and I learned tools to change and let go of limiting 'programming'; I learned very practical systems of coordinating my action and intentions with my priorities."
- Woody, Entrepreneur

"I know the difference between the idle chatter of the false self and the loving guidance of my real self and this has made all the difference in my daily experience of life. I learned to distinguish the voice of my false self and Real self and to know who is doing the talking as well as how to use Mental Alchemy to focus on the positive. A part of me was still functioning in life with a belief from childhood that I could not have or do the things that made me feel alive or filled with pure joy, as if I didn't deserve it or just couldn't have it because I was me. This became the very core belief that held me back from experiencing the joy in life and being able to share my gifts with others."
- Joy Stanton, Personal Fitness Trainer and Coach

"This is the most painless and effective way I have discovered to dump old baggage and to move forward with the things I want in my life. Carol is understanding, intuitive, and efficient in guiding the process."
 - Sandy Steers, Writer

Eighth, stay on purpose, in spite of fear, by gaining the confidence to resolve any uncertainty. Many people fail to take action because of lack of confidence and fear. Through the Transformational Coaching Program, you'll receive daily support and reprogramming of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. As a result, you'll be able to break through the barriers that have been preventing you from actualizing your Destiny!

"It was being like struck by lightning. Every cell in my body has changed. I now live each day with renewed purpose, power and fearlessness. Just imagine what you could do if you lived each day without fear. In four amazing weeks, I have retaken control of my business, mind and soul. The transformation is not easy, but the benefits are resplendent!"
- Garry Graham, Investment Portfolio Manager

"I gained the confidence in my ability to resolve any uncertainty."
- Maurice Abarr, Attorney

"I used to spend time thinking about past events that could, would, or should have made me money.  I would have immense regret and be upset with myself.  Through this course, I learned about non-attachment, living in the Now, and trust.  These concepts allowed me to eliminate any doubts or frustration I had regarding past events.  By letting go of any past regrets and negative memories, I began to live my life with a positive purpose in ALL aspects of my life."
- Doug Min, Professional Trader

"The 28-day course reinforced the belief that all outcomes are for the good and as a result I gained greater courage."
- Malcolm Pryor, Author

"Unlike all the other personal development programs I had invested in, this course has given me the tools necessary to stay on the map, in spite of FEAR in creating my Destiny."
- L. Kae Graniel, President of True Speak and Success Coach

Ninth, learn tools that enable you to make effective decisions. Imagine having the skill to make quick, effective decisions - decisions that are guided by your own personal intuition that always work in your best interest. The theme of the second week is "Self-Observation." You will discover how to become aware of your thoughts and emotions and how to shift them if they are not moving you in your chosen direction. You will learn several tools that you need to be able to establish criteria for making good choices that move you toward your Mission.

"I can now make efficient decisions and accomplish ANY goal. Achieving goals and enjoying life are now like breathing."
- L. Kae Graniel, President of True Speak and Success Coach

"I now have a mission statement divinely created giving me a means to make good decisions in any situation."
- Joy Stanton, Personal Fitness Trainer and Coach

"I now have the ability to prioritize my life."
- Eugene Holden, Tai Chi Master and Success Coach

"The process revealed a wealth of insight that led to powerful transformation and to the making of important business and personal decisions."
- Aliah Majon, President of Soul Technology, Life CoachT

"I am now able to find the right answers because I am able to ask the right questions."
- Nathan Nguyen, High School Honors Student, Class of 2004

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Tenth, experience the freedom that comes from letting go of disempowering beliefs and accessing your Higher Truth. The third week of the program focuses on deepening the connection with the Inner Self or "Real Self" that is tapped into a higher source of truth and power. Accessing your Higher Truth enables you to not only experience the freedom from poor choices but allows you to experience the success that comes with making great choices. As you tap into this Higher Source, you move to a higher level of freedom because you see things as they really are and take action accordingly. You are free from the limitations of the past. And just as important, you are free to experience your power and passion.

"I experienced an energizing sense of freedom."
- Maurice Abarr, Attorney

"To my greatest realization, I finally understood the difference between God and my mind. My mind was the culprit, a conclusion that may have taken a LOT longer to discover had I not been exposed to the exercises from this program! With my Transformational Coach helping me along, together we uncovered many untruths I was still holding onto about myself that were simply not the truth any longer, and then they just went away! A miracle!"
- Courtney Cordoza, Student/Writer

Eleventh, be guided through the process of tapping into your own Spiritual process. The entire 28-day Transformational Coaching Program focuses on your ability to create your own Spiritual Belief System in a way that is empowering for you. The fourth week's theme is "Spiritual Connection" and focuses on your ability to live your life from your own Spiritual Center . You will learn meditation techniques that assist you in taking an inward journey to the Inner Self, that place where your own Inner Wisdom is found. This enables you to tap into the assistance of some type of guidance from a Greater Power, whatever that means to you.

"Truly a spiritual awakening experience. I began to recognize the power of synchronicity in my life."
- Ron Neuman, University Professor and Trader

"I know that I am Spiritually connected to my Higher Self at all times, no matter what's going on."
- Eugene Holden, Tai Chi Master and Success Coach

"Transformational Meditation T allowed me to access my inner wisdom and strength and I gained a deeper knowledge of who I am. I now realize that I am here for a purpose and that purpose is being revealed to me in my conscious awareness."
- Jessica Bradshaw, R.N.

"The biggest benefit I received from taking this course is that I re-established my connection with God.  I learned exactly how I am connected to God.  This was a question that literally had been rolling around in the back of my thoughts for YEARS!!"
- Scott Lovell, Professional Trader

Twelfth, improve your personal and professional relationships with others. As you gain skills to improve your own life, others experience the positive impact of your presence. You will experience more harmony in the world around you as well as in your relationships with others.

"Others around me are uplifted just by my attitude."
- Eugene Holden, Tai Chi Master and Life Coach

"I have become a much more positive person, all the time!!  My wife now calls me Mr. Positive!!  Much of the negativity that I used to carry around with me on a daily basis is gone!!"
- Scott Lovell, Professional Trader

"I experienced transformation in my relationships with others and the world."
- Karen Kerwitz, Massage Therapist and Owner of Puravida Body Studio

"I was able sharpen my life skills in order to live a harmonious daily experience with the world around me. I am now better able to share my gifts with others. I feel fulfilled inside, have enriched my relationship with my husband, and can generously share my gifts with others because I know who I am."
- Joy Stanton, Personal Fitness Trainer and Coach

"I realize that I am a truly gifted and loving person with so much to share with the world."
- L. Kae Graniel, President of True Speak and Success Coach

"I definitely have much more patience and from here I have become kinder."
-Ananda Edmonds, Life Coach

Thirteenth, develop and strengthen your intuitive sense and trust the Sixth Sense. In order to be truly successful you need to learn how to go beyond the limitations of the five senses. There is guidance and information that comes through the realm of imagination and intuition through the non-conscious mind. It is vital to know how to tap into and navigate in your non-conscious mind so that you can gain more insight. This kind of insight comes through the "Sixth Sense." It is referred to as the sixth sense because it operates outside the realm of the five senses.

"I have been amazed at the resourcefulness possible in "right brain mode" - using intuition and tapping into my greater power. Various system development issues that I had been working on for a while got solved overnight."
- Malcolm Pryor, Author

"I experienced a strengthening of my intuitive sense, an ability to live in The Now and to trust my Sixth Sense."
- Karen Kerwitz, Massage Therapist and Owner of Puravida Body Studio

And Fourteenth, gain additional insights and receive support from the group. The power and synergistic effect of the group creates a MasterMind that enables the entire group to achieve more results than they would individually. Not only are you accountable to the group for your weekly performance, but you receive support, encouragement and insights from the group as well.

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"The weekly group calls provided additional insights as I witnessed other people's breakthroughs and 'ahas.' "
- Rev. Aliah K. Majon, Creator of Soul Technology

"I felt the power of having the support and care of those who understand me and who are willing to be the "voice" I need to hear for me to seek inner peace and happiness."
- Nathan Nguyen, High School Honors Student, Class of 2004

You'll Cover Four Weekly Themes During the 28 Days

Each week you will focus on a theme that is put into practice by developing and using a daily skill. These include:

  1. SELF-EFFORT: These skills create clarity of purpose and the self-discipline to move into action consistently.
  2. SELF-OBSERVATION: These skills assist you to be aware of your focus and how to shift it to what you want.
  3. REAL-SELF CENTERED: These skills assist you to release the parts of you that do not think, feel and act from your Real Self.
  4. SPIRITUAL CONNECTION: Daily skills enable you to BECOME and to ACT FROM your Real Self and to deepen your Spiritual Connection.

Each day you will focus on the mastery of a skill by applying it and using Transformational MeditationT to remove any blocks that come up. Each week there is a theme supported by seven daily skills that expand your ability to master the weekly theme. The purpose of the daily skill is not to "understand" it, but to BE it and to USE it masterfully in the "laboratory of life." To master these skills is to master life.

"I think the course works very well because it doesn't take you out of your day to day life like a weekend getaway or retreat would. I felt like it was the right amount of time and energy to apply the concepts and still be able to live life."  
- Carly Chambers, Sales Rep.

"I have always known my main weakness to be lack of self-discipline. I have tried numerous times to brute-force my way, only to fall back into my old habits. During our 3rd week, it became clear that it was rearing its head again. However, this time the realization occurred as to how my mind was perceiving the "hard-work" or "effort". My mind thought of the effort as something unpleasant or "hard-work," but when perceived as merely as a stepping stone to manifest my dreams, it transformed itself from "hard-work" to simply "work."

The benefit to my trading psychology is very clear. As the same self-sabotage that are in operation in my daily life also operates in my trading, the insights I have gained as to the mechanics of my self-sabotage has had the added benefit of their reducing their effect on my trading. I am now much more aware of the roller coaster ride that my emotional state takes, and I am able to take measures such as Transformational Meditation to process them, or at the least stop myself from taking actions based on those feelings and make the situation worse. I am even beginning to be able to stop the whole mechanism at the thought stage, where I can nip it at the bud.

I am back in touch with God, after drifting away from the Catholic church and all things associated with God during my youth. For the first time, I am having an experiential knowledge of the concepts that all self-help courses try to convey. The class was worth every penny."
- Jin Song , South Korea

"An amazing connection to my internal invisible reality! Being 28 days, the course created the installation of some daily patterns/routines to keep connected and focused. I can't wait for each day to unfold as this new connection and cleansing continues to take place. Thank you very much, ROI = Infinite to 1. Basically priceless, Van. Thanks for the gift!"
- Cliff , North Carolina

As part of the complete 28 day program you'll receive:

  • Daily personal phone sessions (approximately 30 minutes, but sometimes as long as an hour). Covers daily concept and includes Transformational Meditation when needed to work through obstacles that arise as you move ahead.
  • Weekly two-hour meeting via conference call with the MasterMind group.
  • Set of 28 meditation CDs to accompany the daily skill. Workbook designed to IMPLEMENT the weekly themes, daily skills, goals and Mission .
  • Set of flashcards that reinforce the continued use of the 28 skills

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"My biggest hesitation about joining the mastermind was the money.but what I didn't realize until now is how much more it would have cost me in the long run NOT to take the course. I completed everything I set out to do that month: I began a running and workout routine which I am still following everyday; I am in the process of getting certified as a massage therapist and I'm loving it, and I even attracted a new job that I can do on the side until I begin working in the field of massage. The class picked me up and put me on a completely new path.a much more fulfilling, exciting and enlightened path."
- Colleen Cook, Real Estate Professional in transition to Massage/Cranial Sacral Therapist

"I got my money's worth in just the material and private sessions alone. So if it were an infomercial--the 'wait, there's more' part would be the additional daily phone sessions AND 'if you order now' you get 5 mastermind meetings free! The class was priceless!"
- L.Kae Graniel, President of Truespeak

"During the first three weeks of the course I learnt the importance of allowing positive experiences to happen, and this was reinforced by the positive results I started experiencing almost immediately in my business and personal life. This was very profound for me because my business had been struggling for a period of 18 months for no good reason, and all of a sudden we were overwhelmed with opportunities. Also, having tried to quit smoking many times, during the course I managed to do it at once and with very minimal pain or withdrawal symptoms."
- Ronnie Phala, Business Consultant , South Africa

"I have moved from previously only having an intellectual understanding that I have a spiritual connection to now being able to tap into it and experience it. This is a huge leap for me. I now know that as I apply the knowledge learned from the course, I can create the life I desire."
- Mark McVeigh , United Kingdom

Ready to start transforming your life? Here's where you start -

Course with Transformational Coach -- $4995

Course with Dr. Libby Adams -- $9997

Online Course -- $1997

Start empowering your life now!


Dr. Libby Adams

P.S. As you can see by the results expressed on these pages, the real question is "What will it cost you by not exploring this program?"

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What our students say about our Transformational Coaching!

"I have more self-discipline, which has allowed me to stay on target to reach my daily, weekly and monthly goals.which has increased my earnings, and peace of mind."
- Cat Pedersen,
Musician and Voice Actor

"With this new empowered awareness, I am able to live my life with enthusiasm. I was and am the Architect of my Destiny."
- L. Kae Graniel,
President of True Speak and
Success Coach

"I know that I am Spiritually connected to my Higher Self at all times, no matter what's going on."
- Eugene Holden
Tai Chi

"Since studying with my Transformational Coach, I have set record sales in my territory and doubled my income."
- Randy Jones
Sales Engineer

"I gained the confidence in my ability to resolve any uncertainty."
- Maurice Abarr



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