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Academy Structure

The International Academy of Self-Knowledge, Inc. is a privately owned, independent educational institution incorporated in the State of California. The Academy's business offices are in Southern California, but the teachers and staff work from their own offices spread throughout the United States. We are truly a "school without walls."

IASK is the parent organization, providing administrative and technical support, teacher training and certification, and assurance of a quality experience for students and teachers. The Academy also acts as a conduit for communication among teachers and prospective students. The Academy administration sees its main duty as creating an environment in which the Academy's teachers can successfully teach the educational courses offered through the Academy so that students can have the best possible self-growth experience, allowing them to actualize their full human potential.

The individual teachers are independent professionals who have been trained and certified by the Academy to teach its courses and facilitate Transformational MeditationTM.


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What our students say about our Transformational Coaching!

"I have more self-discipline, which has allowed me to stay on target to reach my daily, weekly and monthly goals.which has increased my earnings, and peace of mind."
- Cat Pedersen,
Musician and Voice Actor

"With this new empowered awareness, I am able to live my life with enthusiasm. I was and am the Architect of my Destiny."
- L. Kae Graniel,
President of True Speak and
Success Coach

"I know that I am Spiritually connected to my Higher Self at all times, no matter what's going on."
- Eugene Holden
Tai Chi

"Since studying with my Transformational Coach, I have set record sales in my territory and doubled my income."
- Randy Jones
Sales Engineer

"I gained the confidence in my ability to resolve any uncertainty."
- Maurice Abarr



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