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Jodie Casarico

Jodie Casarico is an ordained minister through the Association of the Integration of the Whole Person. She is a person of whom serving others and seeking the highest level of Truth is her top priority.

Being introduced to Dr. Libby Adams and this profound work was the beginning of an amazing transformation for her. Jodie spent the first week of her 28-day course with Dr. Adams. Her personal growth was so quick and powerful she knew she would become a teacher and use this technology to facilitate others growth and healing as well. It has enabled her to move forward serving others in ways that far exceeded her highest expectations.

Jodie received Human Services training at the Burlington Technical School in Burlington, VT. After graduating she went on to working with people with physical and mental disabilities as well as teaching preschool. Jodie has also taught physical fitness at her local YMCA as well as coached swimming. She is an expert at guiding people to reach and achieve their personal and fitness goals.

Jodie is an entrepreneur at heart, having an eye for new opportunities. She owns several businesses, one of which she works closely with her husband Mike. Jodie is very mindful on keeping her work in line with her mission statement. Jodie's purpose is to shift the level of consciousness in our world towards Truth by being and radiating Peace, Love, Joy, Gratitude, Wealth and Abundance while teaching Self-discipline and empowerment to all those around her.

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