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Is this right for me?

The International Academy of Self-Knowledge is a good fit for you if:
  • You have a deep desire to grow;
  • You know that there is more for you in life than you currently are experiencing;
  • You have done self-growth work, but have not gotten the results that you expect;
  • You are a successful high-achiever and want to move to higher levels of success and fulfillment in relationships, business, health, athletics, creativity, spirituality, wealth or freedom.
Your time and energy are precious, and we are not going to waste either of them. For this reason, an IASK teacher talks to every prospective student prior to their starting our courses to ensure that our work matches their needs and beliefs. Other than commitment and desire, the only true requirements are:
  • A belief that you are responsible for the results that you get in life;
  • A belief in the existence of some power beyond you (e.g. Spirit, Divine Energy, God, etc. - the name is not important).
To succeed using our methods, you must take ownership of your life. Additionally, Transformational MeditationTM, our most powerful tool in helping you grow, is a spiritual technology; it just does not work if you do not have a spiritual belief system to work with.

Occasionally people are drawn to work with us, but are afraid of what they might discover about themselves in the transformation process, and how their lives may change. This is understandable, but is based on false beliefs that you have about yourself. When you come to realize who you really are and the power that lies within you, you will laugh at your old fears. Your transformation occurs as you eliminate the fears and excuses that come into your head (e.g. I'm too busy, it costs too much, what if I find out ________ about myself, my relationships, etc.) and listen to the truth as told by your real self.

We encourage you to contact us if you want to discuss how we might be able to help you learn how to take yourself to the next level and beyond.


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What our students say about our Transformational Coaching!

"I have more self-discipline, which has allowed me to stay on target to reach my daily, weekly and monthly goals.which has increased my earnings, and peace of mind."
- Cat Pedersen,
Musician and Voice Actor

"With this new empowered awareness, I am able to live my life with enthusiasm. I was and am the Architect of my Destiny."
- L. Kae Graniel,
President of True Speak and
Success Coach

"I know that I am Spiritually connected to my Higher Self at all times, no matter what's going on."
- Eugene Holden
Tai Chi

"Since studying with my Transformational Coach, I have set record sales in my territory and doubled my income."
- Randy Jones
Sales Engineer

"I gained the confidence in my ability to resolve any uncertainty."
- Maurice Abarr



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