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Nancy Littlefield

Nancy has been meditating and following the spiritual path of mysticism for many years and continues to marvel at the perfection of synchronicity that brings everything together, whether to move her forward in her spiritual growth or to nudge her to get out of her own way.

Her interest in the mind/body/spirit complex led her early in life to the study of healing arts and a career in therapeutic massage and energetic healing. Her desire to integrate what she had learned in her own spiritual studies into a simplified formula for her clients directed her to the Academy of Self- Knowledge and the 28-day program. Much to her surprise, the knowledge and wisdom she gained from working with the Academy seemed to fill in the missing pieces that were keeping her from fulfilling her own heart’s desire.

Even though she understood the precepts of The Secret in a cerebral and sometimes experiential way, it became clear to her that the duality of her underlying subconscious thoughts and emotions were preventing her from moving forward with her own life’s purpose. She knew after her first Transformational Meditation™ session that she had been “given” what she asked for in more ways than she expected. Nancy’s life commitment is to share all that she has received with anyone who seeks transformational change.

Credentials: Certified Transformational Coach, Academy of Self-Knowledge; Certified Massage and Craniosacral Therapist; Certified Reiki Master, Third degree student; Tree of Life, Karin Kabalah Center; Training with Monroe Institute; Perelandra, DNA activation program; and group work with A Course in Miracles.

What Transformational Meditation™ can do for you
If you’re already aware that you are creating your own reality and feel that you’re not quite manifesting the life that you want, Transformational Meditation (TfM) can help you establish clarity of purpose. You will be given tools to connect you with your inner guidance to access faulty programming and align you more with the TRUTH. You will learn to be more accountable for your thoughts and emotions and shift them quickly before they manifest unwanted outcomes. It’s my belief that the 28-day program provides the keys to inner peace and freedom and directs you on the path to greater authenticity. The integrity of the Academy is founded on the principles of serving only your highest good, so all work is guaranteed. The work can be done over the phone with a headset.

~ T E S T I M O N I A L S ~

I have been blessed to do the 28-day program and TfM with Nancy.
The course was so uplifting and motivating. Everyday was so clear and fresh. I felt like a seed getting new roots. I was able to connect to parts of myself that I have never connected to before. I learned so much about me! TfM has helped me in many ways. I am very aware of my thoughts, emotions, and actions. I have tools to focus on the things I want. My life has changed completely since TfM and I still continue the 28-day program on my own.

Nancy is the greatest teacher. She always knew what I was talking about or trying to say. She has a presence about her that is so comforting, intuitive, and compassionate.

The 28-day program really changed my life. The past 10 years I experienced anxiety and fear of going places. Today I do not have anxiety. I am also able to go places I have never been without anyone with me. Another change in my life was with my job. I manifested a new position with a salary increase. The last change I would like to share is about weight loss. I have been on a workout routine since my 28-day program. I had been trying for the last 2 years to get on a workout routine. Finally my life has clarity and I am the one in the flow of grace. Through the wonderful TfM sessions I have been able to change my life! Blessings to the founder and all the fantastic teachers!
C.C., Massage Therapist, Raleigh NC

I just finished participating in a Self-Discovery session with Nancy.
She was informative, articulate and clear in presenting the TfM Model and Levels of Mind. She took time to answer my questions, clarify any terms or wording that was puzzling, and was warm and competent in her manner.

The session helped me in several ways. I have been conflicted about feelings of some guilt, resentment and fear around an issue; and her caring questioning and integration techniques helped me to connect with heart, body and spirit. I came away feeling calm and light in my heart. I would recommend this technique and way of working in my practice without reservation. Nancy embodies integrity and commitment to personal and professional growth. I was delighted to have had the opportunity to work with her!
R.H., Ph.D., Cary NC

Nancy did an excellent job of presenting the TfM model and 4 Expressions of Mind.
I was not unfamiliar with this subject, yet her presentation and her guidance through TFM methods allowed me a deeper, richer understanding of the process of integration. She has been very instrumental in helping me examine my non-conscious and super-conscious minds, and I although I have a lot of work to do, I am excited by the integration I have experienced thus far.

In our initial TFM session, Nancy provided a safe haven in which I could explore my old programming and how it interferes with the truth. She guided me to seeing where the separations of my “selves” occur and where faulty programming gets in the way of my ability to see the truth of who I am. I believe the practice of these methods will only enhance my ability to know my self and help me experience the balance that I've always felt I lacked, yet intuitively know is possible.

As I've said, I still feel I have a lot of work to do, but I've probably never felt so capable of doing it, or excited about the places my work will take me. Instead of worrying about how my life should be, I've seen what I want it to be --what it was meant to be. I'm thrilled by the glimpses of who I really am and am eager to continue the discovery process!

Nancy has a truly warm and generous spirit.
Erin N., Raleigh, NC

The 28-day program helped me to see negative patterns that I had been manifesting for many years in my life. Nancy was very supportive and non-judgmental and knew what she was talking about. Her guidance was patient, kind and caring. She had to be patient with me because I was so wound up in things. She had to be patient so she could do her job to help me get there. And she was there just when I needed her to help me see what I needed to see and feel. The 28-day program was so very worth the effort. Not all things are the way I want or need them to be yet, but I know more about myself, and I know there is a power inside that will guide me to where I need to go. Thanks so much, Nancy, for your help in getting me there.
J.R., Calif.

Thank you, Nancy!
You are not only a fine representative of the Academy of Self-Knowledge, you have the patience and good listening skills of a person who "walks the walk" and of someone dedicated to connecting to their Greater Power and willing to help others connect or re-connect. Going through the 28-Day Program with you was an experience that will remain a positive part of my life. You assisted me, guided me, listened to me and at the end of the 28 days, I was invigorated and ready to move forward in this wonderful adventure of life! You are a welcome resource for me and I look forward to scheduling Transformational Meditation™ sessions with you in the future.
Jo Ann Harvey, TfM Coach, Calif.

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