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Jean Marchand

Jean was a seeker of Self-Actualization as described in Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pyramid, from an early age.

A huge Beatles fan, he knew that they had gone to India to study meditation. So, when a picture of their teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi appeared in his school newspaper advertising Transcendental Meditation he signed up. The profundity and significance of the internal change that he experienced in his very first meditation was life changing. The depression that he had been struggling with disappeared soon after he began meditating and his grade point average challenge from his heavy pre-med course load improved dramatically. It went from 2.0 to 4.0 by the time he graduated from College two years later with a B.Sc. degree in Biology.

The success of his daily meditation led him to study directly with the Maharishi and become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. He had many glimpses into the Freedom that comes with dropping into the stillness and connecting to his Higher Power both in and out of meditation over his many years of practice. So much so that he spent the next 28 years meditating and traveling the globe to meet awakened masters to achieve his Self Realization. He did all of that while raising a family and managing an extraordinarily successful Investment advisory Business for over 30 years.

He finally attained his Self Realization goal in October 1998 after a synchronistic meeting with an Awakened Teacher. In that incredible encounter Jean was given some simple guided instructions. As a result of that auspicious session he now had access on demand to the underlying internal silence, stillness, and spaciousness that is buried under the 50,000 thoughts that the average person experiences each day. He was filled with gratitude for the Fundamental Wellbeingness that came with finding his True Identity. The background haunting feeling that something is missing was gone and so was his fear of death. It was one thing to know this in theory, but it was a totally different thing to Awaken to this Deep Knowingness in his soul. The Realization of his True Identity and connection to a Higher Power was and still is available to him 24/7 regardless of the ups or downs of his life circumstances.

Over the years he has coached and helped many individuals to become Finders of their True Identity and the persistent underlying Freedom that comes with Awakening. However, in 2014 in his search to find better and faster ways to help his coaching students to Awaken he discovered Transformational Meditation; the amazing signature system developed by Dr Libby Adams. It’s outstanding effectiveness as an Awakening methodology led him to become a certified TfM Teacher personally trained by Dr. Adams. This magnificently efficient process leads seekers to Self-Realization and Awakening more quickly than the 28 years it took Jean as he researched many practices and techniques as he sought to awaken over that long time.

If you are a seeker of your True Identity who is hungry to connect and awaken to your Higher Power, then your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work with Jean as he uses the Transformational Meditation coaching model to help you:

  1. Quiet your narrative mind
  2. Awaken to your True Identity
  3. Live your life with Purpose and Meaning
  4. Experience the freedom and fundamental Wellbeingness that comes with finding your True identity, just like Jean did, but much more quickly, as you work together using the amazing Transformational Mediation coaching model.

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