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David Meyer

Assists traders, professionals, and business leaders achieve integrity and congruency in their lives. By identifying and integrating or eliminating non-conscious patterns that have held them back for years, their true nature is revealed. The power to manifest their desires and fulfill their life's purpose is realized.

He is the President of Business Intelligence Solutions, Inc., a financial analysis, metrics, and forecasting systems and database consulting company. He assists the leaders of corporations in the creation of "living forecasts" that focus large organizations on successfully fulfilling their mission statements.

Client list includes: Federal Home Loan Bank San Francisco, Wells Fargo Bank, Pacific Gas & Electric, Intuit, Trading Systems Project (Ed Seykota), Choice Alternative Investments (Tom Vician), Viacom, GTE, Woodruff Sawyer, Coaches Training Institute, Condor Earth Technologies, AC Transit, KLA Tencor, ROLS, Waste Management, DVDO, Silicon Image, Hayward Unified School District, Quality Semiconductor, Cephied, City of Belmont, Nancy's Specialty Foods, Revelwood, Seiko Instruments, Brown & Caldwell, HearMe, Mpath, Locus Technology, PLX Technology, Vitria Technology, Castro Valley School District, Oak Creek Counseling Center, United Green Mark, Aids Hospice, and more.

Technical education includes, Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, systems development and design, VB & VBA programming, OLAP & SQL databases, and trading systems. He also does development and beta testing of business and trading software systems. He is a graduate of many human behavior, motivation, and personal growth events, workshops and courses, such as: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EST, Landmark, Actualizations, Sedona Method, Tony Robbins, Silva Mind Control, Religious Science, Muktananda, TM, Yoga, Aikido, Kinesiology, and many others. He has studied many western and eastern religions and has done a fire walk.

He has a quiet and non-judgmental openness that creates a safe space to transform that which does not serve.

"My life purpose is to experience satisfaction, following my Higher Self's guidance; making a positive difference creating love, happiness, health, wealth, and freedom, for myself and others."

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