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Success Stories

Our students and graduates live all over the world. Students live in the United States, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa, United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. Through our alliance with the Van Tharp Institute, many of IASK's graduates have been associated with the financial industry, but we have graduates from all walks of life including: stay at home parents, actors, attorneys, physicians, musicians, spiritual counselors, sales people, athletes, entrepreneurs, life coaches, and students. The common thread that brought them all to the International Academy of Self-Knowledge was a deep desire to expand the possibilities in their lives and take themselves to the next level of personal satisfaction and achievement.

"I have just completed the course and I'm happy to say it was AWESOME!! Spiritually I am more connected than I used to be. My level of awareness is so much better. I have clarified and refined my mission. The level of commitment, focus and self-discipline has gone up considerably. I have resumed exercising (walk for 2km and cycle 28km per day) without any exhaustion. I resumed healthy eating habits. I have lost about 6kg. I feel great.

"We uncovered some psychological blocks to creating wealth and we promptly got rid of them. I also laid a firm foundation on which to build on going forward. I feel that I'm on my way to reach my financial goals.

"Over the past four weeks I have covered more ground in terms of developing a winning trading system than I had in the past three years. The burning desire to be a great trader is much stronger. I have more clarity on my trading objectives and purpose. My level of commitment and self-discipline have gone through the roof!!!!

"This is definitely a winner! I got more than my money's worth."
- Tsakani Mpenyana, M.D., South Africa

"I have taken several courses over the years on life skills, time management, psychology and I have attended church regularly over the past five years during which time I made big strides in my personal growth. However, Libby's class was the first to combine the spiritual and the practical in a way that seemed in line with God's plan for me rather than something that was overwhelming. I made distinctions in my class that revealed issues I never knew existed and changed the way I looked at goal setting and obstacles. I became much more trusting and consistently surrendering to God's plan rather than trying to impose my own and I feel like I am consistently living my mission statement now. I would give this class my highest recommendation!" -Chuck Whitman, Infinium Capital Management, Chicago (ed. Chuck has paid for over 15 of his employees to take the Self-Mastery 28-Day Intensive)

"This course has kept my psychology in line which in turn has helped me become a more productive trader. Also, I have improved my physical and emotional well being. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a serious trader because I feel the most overlooked aspect in trading is the psychology aspect and that you have to be stable and know yourself in order to be the best that you can."
- Brenton Krumpfes, Chicago, IL

"My biggest hesitation about joining the mastermind was the money...but what I didn't realize until now is how much more it would have cost me in the long run NOT to take the course. I completed everything I set out to do that month: I began a running and workout routine which I am still following everyday; I am in the process of getting certified as a massage therapist and I'm loving it, and I even attracted a new job that I can do on the side until I begin working in the field of massage. The class picked me up and put me on a completely new path.a much more fulfilling, exciting and enlightened path." - Colleen Cook, Real Estate Professional in transition to Massage/Cranial Sacral Therapist

"This has had a tremendous impact on my trading. I found a huge increase in my confidence every time I stepped into the pit. Everything is flowing smoothly and I have a new composure that makes things come easily and also makes me more confident to take a risk that I have not tried yet. I am trading better than I ever have and trying new things that I always envisioned, but never knew how to attain."
- Matt Nuccio, Chicago, IL

"This course has had an immense effect on my trading career from the first time I had taken the course and I am confident it will do the same this second time around as well. My sense of well-being and self-confidence has greatly reduced the amount of anxiety I used to associate with trading."
- G.S., Hong Kong

"I think it is one of the MOST IMPORTANT and SIGNIFICANT things that I have done. My strongest goal this year was to increase my spiritual connection so that I could be sure that what I was doing was in alignment with that."
- Dr. Van Tharp, Van Tharp Institute

"I have moved from previously only having an intellectual understanding that I have a spiritual connection to now being able to tap into it and experience it. This is a huge leap for me. I now know that as I apply the knowledge learned from the course, I can create the life I desire."
- Mark McVeigh, United Kingdom

"The Self-Mastery 28-Day Intensive was by far the most enlightening and fulfilling body of work that I have ever undertaken."
- Kurt Cornielsen, Infinium Capital Management, IL

"This course has changed my life. I will highly recommend it to anyone with sincere desire for enlightenment."
- Oggie Pelov, M.D. & Dogsled racer, Nova Scotia

"I am doing it for the second time and it won't be the last time probably. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his life . I think it's especially useful for traders. It allows you to develop a objective view on the market without your "personal issue filters" in the way."
- Florian Grummes, Trader & Musician, Germany

"This is a great course for anyone seeking happiness, freedom, success, and/or enlightenment. For Van's students, this course is very effective in assisting you to procure and internalize many of the skills necessary for successful trading along the Tharp paradigm: state control, focus, purpose, desire, beliefs, organization, congruency of actions/beliefs/goals."
- Ed Pomicter, M.D., Van Tharp Institute Supertrader & Principal, Count de Monet

"I would say that this 28-Day Intensive is invaluable to ANYONE, and this definitely applies to traders and their spouses/partners. I believe this because I have seen its results in my own trader husband since he has gone through this course with Libby, my own results from this course, and the amazing benefit of this course to us as a couple. I would do it all over again, and I am certain I will."
- Thora Pomicter (ed. Thora has gone on to become a teacher at the Academy)

"It keeps me from getting too up or down. I know that everything happens for a reason, and this keeps me on an even keel. It has given me confidence in trading, and given me the best mental state to be in while on the floor. The class has also allowed me to practice more visualization which is extremely helpful when trading."
- David York, Professional Trader

"I got my money's worth in just the material and private sessions alone. So if it were an infomercial--the 'wait, there's more' part would be the additional daily phone sessions AND 'if you order now' you get 5 mastermind meetings free! The class was priceless!"
- L. Kae Graniel, President of Truespeak (ed. L. Kae has gone on to become a teacher at the Academy)

"This class was so transformational that I don't think I could have gotten the same transformation out of years of therapy. I have a tremendous amount of awareness. I also have more passion and motivation to live my life the way I choose. To me this course is priceless."
- Sean Cook, Entrepreneur

"During the first three weeks of the course I learned the importance of allowing positive experiences to happen, and this was reinforced by the positive results I started experiencing almost immediately in my business and personal life. This was very profound for me because my business had been struggling for a period of 18 months for no good reason, and all of a sudden we were overwhelmed with opportunities. Also, having tried to quit smoking many times, during the course I managed to do it at once and with very minimal pain or withdrawal symptoms."
- Ronnie Phala, Business Consultant, South Africa


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What our students say about our Transformational Coaching!

"I have more self-discipline, which has allowed me to stay on target to reach my daily, weekly and monthly goals.which has increased my earnings, and peace of mind."
- Cat Pedersen,
Musician and Voice Actor

"With this new empowered awareness, I am able to live my life with enthusiasm. I was and am the Architect of my Destiny."
- L. Kae Graniel,
President of True Speak and
Success Coach

"I know that I am Spiritually connected to my Higher Self at all times, no matter what's going on."
- Eugene Holden
Tai Chi

"Since studying with my Transformational Coach, I have set record sales in my territory and doubled my income."
- Randy Jones
Sales Engineer

"I gained the confidence in my ability to resolve any uncertainty."
- Maurice Abarr



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