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Do you know how to capitalize on the strengths of your personality… to enhance your trading… and make more money?

Are the weaknesses of your personality type getting in the way of your ability to trade effectively?

Transform Your Trading With This Unique Four-Part Program!

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Part I: Harness the Power of Knowing Yourself
First you’ll take the full personality type assessment and then…
In the webinar session you’ll…

  • Get acquainted with “The Holy Grail” . . . YOU!
  • See how knowing your personality gives you an EDGE
  • Learn how you like to focus your attention
  • Learn the way you like to take in information
  • Learn the way you make decisions

Part II: Transform the Limitations of Your Personality
In this webinar session you’ll…

  • Discover how to go BEYOND the limits of your personality
  • Understand your “operating system” and how to program it for success
  • Learn how to eliminate destructive internal chatter that interferes with your trading
  • Explore your imagination as a vehicle of inner power

Part III: Get the Map - Go from where you are to where you want to go
In this webinar session you’ll…

  • Learn the “red flags” of your personality. . . before it costs you money
  • Discover your basic fear and a plan to overcome it
  • Take what you’ve discovered so far to define exactly where your are now
  • Create your MAP to get where you REALLY want to go!

Part IV: A Personal One-On-One Session with Libby
This is all about you!!
In our private one-hour phone session I will personally:

  • Help you assess what it all means to your trading
  • Discuss how you can capitalize on your strengths
  • Use the MAP of YOUR PERSONALITY to create a plan to transform your weaknesses and enhance your strengths
  • Help you tie the whole process together to accelerate your results

These courses and materials if bought individually would cost you $1,060

Part I: Trade Your Strengths: The Myers-Briggs $295
Part II: Transform the Limitations of Your Personality $195
Part III: Get the Map: The Enneagram $395
Part IV: One hour PRIVATE SESSION with Dr. Adams $175
Total Cost

Special Offer For Traders - This Entire Program - Just $395

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100% satisfaction guarantee to all students. If during the first 30 days of a course a student is not satisfied with their experience, they can stop the course and their tuition will be refunded in full less the materials fee and shipping charges.


What Traders Are Saying About The Self Mastery Program…

“I think it is one of the MOST IMPORTANT and SIGNIFICANT things that I have done. My strongest goal this year was to increase my spiritual connection so that I could be sure that what I was doing was in alignment with that.”
- Dr. Van Tharp, Van Tharp Institute

“Personally, I highly recommend looking into what Carol (Libby) Adams does with her work at the Academy of Self Knowledge.”
- Carolyn Boroden, Founder, Synchronicity Market Timing, LLC and Author of "Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage"

“I have taken several courses over the years on life skills, time management, psychology and I have attended church regularly over the past five years during which time I made big strides in my personal growth. However, Carol’s class was the first to combine the spiritual and the practical in a way that seemed in line with God’s plan for me rather than something that was overwhelming. I made distinctions in my class that revealed issues I never knew existed and changed the way I looked at goal setting and obstacles. I became much more trusting and consistently surrendering to God’s plan rather than trying to impose my own and I feel like I am consistently living my mission statement now. I would give this class my highest recommendation!”
- Chuck Whitman, Professional Money Manager, Chicago

"Thank you very much for recommending Dr. Carol Adams. I have just completed the course and I'm happy to say it was AWESOME!! Spiritually I am more connected than I used to be. My level of awareness is so much better. I have clarified and refined my mission. This has given me so much momentum in developing a winning trading system. The level of commitment, focus and self-discipline has gone up considerably. I have resumed exercising (walk for 2km and cycle 28km per day) without any exhaustion. I resumed healthy eating habits. I have lost about 6kg. I feel great. We uncovered some psychological blocks to creating wealth and we promptly got rid of them. I also laid a firm foundation on which to build on going forward. I feel that I'm on my way to reach my financial goals. Over the past four weeks I have covered more ground in terms of developing a winning trading system than I had in the past three years. The burning desire to be a great trader is much stronger. I have more clarity on my trading objectives and purpose. My level of commitment and self-discipline have gone through the roof!!!! This is definitely a winner! I got more than my money's worth. This is what we call 1000R WINNER!!
- Tsakani Mpenyana, M.D., South Africa

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