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Types of Meditation

There are many different types of meditation, all of them are useful yet different in how they are practiced and used. Some of the more familiar types of meditation are:

Mindfulness Meditation focuses on body awareness (especially breathing), observing thoughts, and observing the environment. It is the practice of being fully present in the moment to what is, with no judgment, simply observing and moving on. Becoming aware of your thoughts gives you power to direct, focus and choose them consciously.

Focused Meditation directs thoughts in a specific way. For example, focusing on a principle such as gratitude and then directing all of one's thoughts toward that principle. Visualization is focused meditation -- creating specific and desirable mental pictures of oneself with a specific positive outcome. Affirmations are another component of focused meditation. They are the "support language" of a focused meditation and a great supplement to visualization.

In Guided Meditation, a facilitator guides the student on a specific journey with a specific purpose, such as a journey to a peaceful place or guidance regarding a specific issue, such as overcoming a particular addiction.

Transcendental MeditationTM is a simple, natural, effortless practice of meditation which is usually practiced for 20 minutes twice a day. It eliminates stress and opens one's awareness to the infinite reservoir of energy, creativity and intelligence that lies deep within each of us. It is a practice which can raise the life of every individual to full dignity, in which problems are absent and perfect health, happiness and a rapid pace of progress are the natural features of life.

Transformational MeditationTM, our proprietary technology, is solution based meditation. TfM is a type of guided meditation where the student targets a specific problem area (e.g. a "character defect") and the facilitator guides the student through the process of resolution during the meditation. Transformational MeditationTM opens a dialog between one's Higher Power and one's false self, utilizing "conscious contact" to transform the problem. We feel that it is the state of the art Spiritual Technology.

Prayerful Meditation brings one into "conscious contact" with Divine Will and one's Higher Power. The practitioner receives clear guidance, knowing the divine plan and purpose for their life. Trust in this divine connection clarifies and empowers taking the next relevant step in actualizing one's life purpose.


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